Relocating Buyers 

"We first connected with Ms. Joey Sheehan via the internet regarding a property she was representing. Having come into contact with several real estate agents while researching various listings in anticipation of a possible move across country, I knew immediately Joey Sheehan was head and shoulders above the rest. The first indicator was the speediness with which she returned phone calls and e-mails…

As Joey soon discovered, we were not the easiest clients to house hunt for. We were three thousand miles away and had a very specific zip code we were willing to move to and a pocket book which did not necessarily match the zip code. Joey’s commitment to finding us the perfect home never wavered. Her due diligence paid off when we eventually located the perfect home in the perfect school district in the perfect zip code!

Joey’s commitment did not end there; in fact it went above and beyond her ‘selling’ a property. I believe Joey’s commitment was equal to our own. She did not stop working on the project until she was assured that every single detail from the purchase, to funding, to inspections was taken care of. Not only ‘taken care of’ but taken care of with a group of hand-picked professionals every bit as trustworthy and professional as herself.

We will never forget our experiences together, Joey’s professionalism, and Joey’s grace."  Mr. Jim Madden, Independent Marketing and Customer Service Specialist, and Mrs. Jo Ann Madden, Certified Sign Language Interpreter, Manager & Trainer.