Buyers' Testimonials

"How would you describe an outstanding real estate agent? One answer is someone who is energetic, resourceful, well-informed, and empathetic. That is Joey Sheehan. She set a very high standard on all the important attributes--and always kept our interests first and foremost." Dr. George S. Day, Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor, Professor of Marketing and co-Director of the Mack Center for Technological Innovation, the Wharton School

"I KNEW MY FAITH IN YOU WOULD PAY OFF. You went so far beyond the call of duty on our behalf that I will be eternally grateful. Plus, I think we have actually become friends." Dr. Eric T. Bradlow, K. P. Chao Professor, Professor of Marketing, Statistics, and Education, Vice Dean and Director, Wharton Doctoral Programs

"With another real estate agent we spent over six months looking for a home on the Main Line. Most of the homes that we went through did not suit our needs; a few homes that we did like were sold before we had a chance to make an offer.  Then we met Joey Sheehan. She immediately understood our preferences. She discovered homes that were available to purchase but not officially on the market. The end result was that we purchased a home in about two weeks after we started working with her. Needless to say, we were very pleased with Joey." Dr. Michael R. Gibbons, I. W. Burnham II Professor of Investment Banking and Deputy Dean, the Wharton School, and Mrs. Lynn Gibbons

"Joey Sheehan is a fine representative of her company and the real estate profession. With her superior product knowledge, excellent listening ability, and enthusiastic determination to find us the perfect new home, Joey made the three of us--myself, my wife and Joey--an effective team. We are very pleased with the results of our collaboration." Mr. Albert J. White, former General Counsel, Smith Kline Beecham Corporation

"Joey Sheehan, knowledgeable about both people and houses, puts them together with great skill.  Actually, from the outset of Penn's efforts to recruit me, she played a role in that effort by demonstrating to my wife and myself something of the quality of life available in this area.  We were immensely pleased with the personalized care she gave us in our selection of a home." Dr. William R. LaFleur, former E. Dale Saunders Professor in Japanese Studies, East Asian Languages & Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania

“Joey's integrity and impressive professional network were highly valuable as we went through a complicated process to find our home. She demonstrated that our interests were foremost in her mind when we bid on two listings in succession. Rather than trying to simply "make the sale" with the first house, she enlisted an impressive group of professionals from her business family to uncover serious structural issues and encouraged our decision to walk away when a suitable agreement with the sellers became impossible. Not many agents go so out of their way to make certain their buyers are not stuck with costly problems. After finding a second place, Joey again used her network to get to the bottom of some necessary repairs and represented our interests competently by arranging for the sellers to pay for them.

We were also particularly impressed with Joey's deep knowledge of the Main Line market and her speed in striking at a unique opportunity for us. She found out about a terrific house in the neighborhood we wanted, worked quickly to get us into it before it formally went on the market, and landed it for us before any other buyers could arrive on the scene. This was essential because we could never have won a bidding war in the spring 2013 market, when cash offers were trouncing offers from buyers who--like us--needed to finance our purchase through a mortgage. Had our agent not possessed the knack for timing and deep local knowledge Joey has, we wouldn't have ended up with the wonderful home we now have.
Dr. Exequiel Hernandez, Assistant Professor, Management Department, the Wharton School